Thursday, 1 February 2018

Goodbye Blog Hello New Blog

For some time I have been dissatisfied with this blog on the Google, Blogger platform because it is only a top down traditional format which makes it difficult to direct somebody to a particular trip,  to the USA or Italy for example, because they have to start at the end of the trip then find the beginning. Which is all a bit of a pain.  There are some complicated hacks to the coding available but Google are forever changing things so they will inevitably break.

Other blogs on the WordPress platform have impressed me with their functionality so while we were stopped at Lagos with very good, internet, (more about Lagos in the next blog), I decided to open a WordPress account and try their free platform, which I know has some limitations like Google but perhaps worth a try before stumping up to pay for space on a server. I would have liked to make it look exactly the same as this one for continuity but with the free version there are limited themes available and perhaps a freshen up wouldn’t hurt anyway.

So TheOldAgeTravellers new website is now live. The full address is: so please take a look, have a play and subscribe if you wish so as to get any new posts emailed to you. Any comments, suggestions or criticisms will be very welcome.

There is a link on the navigation bar to the traditional blog with the most recent ones first but I think in a neater format. There is also a link to “Our Trips” which drops down to show a link to each trip with the posts arranged in Chronological order, which is just what I wanted to do and the main reason for the change. I have got the main functionality working fine but the page design still needs a bit of tweaking but tweaking is limited in the free version so we shall see how I get on in time.

Thanks for reading, see you over on the new site.