Sunday, 8 May 2011

On our way tomorrow.....

We have had a month in the UK, visited all the family & friends and have done  all the business we needed to do French & English tax returns etc. Very necessary so as not to get fined by the various "Tax Men" while we are away.
We have checked in online and reserved our seats on the plane so we just need to get to Heathrow tomorrow morning then relax because the trip will have started.
Thanks to everybody who has helped us plan and all our friends who have given their good wishes and asked to be kept informed of our progress.  Don't forget you can get an email everytime we update the blog by clicking on the "Email me" box up on the right of the blog.  Follow the instructions to prove you are human then you will be kept informed.
Now it is just up to how often we can get email access and how busy we are enjoying ourselves to keep the blog up to date.
Best Wishes to all.
Steve & Judy

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